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Simple XPS viewer and annotator with XPS-to-image conversion capabilities
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XPS Annotator goes far beyond the average XPS viewer and comes with full annotation and conversion capabilities. Besides, you can use this free and useful tool to add digital signatures to your XPS documents and to edit and add new properties to them. Annotation comes in various flavors – highlighting, text annotation, and ink annotation – and the program can convert your XPS into popular image files.

XPS Annotator opens in a clean and spacious window that allows you to view your XPS documents clearly and comfortably. XPS files – for those who are not too familiar with them – are the XML-based Microsoft’s counterpart to Adobe’s PDF files. Thus, you will find in this free utility all the basic functionality required to copy, paste, replace, print, search, and save text-based documents, together with more advanced features that are also common in similar tools. You can zoom in and out any area of the document for a clearer view, as well as to help you perform any of its many editing features in a more accurate way. All of the editing functions provided are associated to a specific hot key, and these include the possibility of deleting words, adding paragraph breaks, decreasing and increasing font sizes, or aligning any portion of text, all with a single keystroke.

Highlighting – using the color of your choice – is the simplest way of adding marks to your XPS files. Equally simple, though a bit more sophisticated and informative, are the text and ink annotations you can insert and search for throughout the entire document. The former allows you to type in any text, while the latter requires you to “draw” your text just as if you were using a pen or a pencil to add a note.

It is important to mention that XPS Annotator can also add digital signatures to your XPS files – for security purposes – and edit their tags or properties for documentation purposes. These two functions will not alter the layout of your documents, but they will certainly provide added value to them.

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  • Offers three different annotation methods
  • Clear and comfortable editing interface
  • Long list of editing features
  • Allows you to protect your XPS documents with digital signatures


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